Peder Oxe

Peder Oxe

Restaurant Peder Oxe is a nice and stylish restaurant on Gråbrødretorv serving traditional Danish food for lunch and have a dinner menus are a fusion of the Danish and French cuisine.

Gråbrødretorv is an oasis in Copenhagen's city center and here assembled locals and students at Peter ox, which towers proudly in an old restored house where the style is light rooms and the furniture comfortable. Peder Oxe offers both lunch, dinner and party at night in the cellar. The mood is always in the top of the eating place and the wait is down.

The menu

Peter ox introduced as one of the first restaurants "self-service salad table" and has a wealth of fresh and crisp salads blah. mesclun, arugula, valerian, pourpier, escarole and fresh vegetables from the market square. All meat dishes are lovingly prepared and come from free-range cattle. You can also find fresh seafood, venison, veal and lamb on the menu. After you have ordered the main course from the menu or directly from the butcher's counter, you can choose salad, vegetables, dressing and bread from the rich salad table - it is ad libitum.


From pm. 11:30 to 16:00 you can order lunch at Peder Oxe. Køkkenent are specialists in Danish open sandwiches and fresh fish. Sandwiches can be combined with fresh salad from the salad table and is a healthy lunch. Today's fish is often plaice, but varies with the seasons and are sourced from the fish auction in Frederikshavn. My bread and butter is very tasty and contains all the Danish classics - a selection here:

Skagen Herring

curried herring

Salmon with dill

marinated salmon

smoked eel

Chicken salad

foie gras

rib roast

calves Chest

leg of lamb

roast beef


The evening menu

The evening menu at Peter ox includes delicious dishes with strong inspiration from the Danish and French cuisine. The portions are hearty and the prices are quite reasonable. See here a selection of the most popular appetizers and main dishes:

Lobster soup - freshly caught lobsters cut into suitable pieces, cooked with herbs and flambéed in cognac. Here-after add white wine and cream, after which it all blended into a powerful lobster soup. With bread and freshly churned butter.

Grilled Carpaccio - A whole piece of Argentine beef fillet is briefly on the grill, cut into fine slices and served on a little sweet chili salsa. Serve with plenty of fresh green herbs and finely chopped spring onions. With bread and freshly churned butter.

Ox-Burger - ox-burger of organic beef from free range cattle. Exquisitely juicy, ground beef of range cattle.

Dorade - The delicious Mediterranean fish filled with fresh, green herbs and lemon. Fried and served with tomato, capers, shallots and fresh spinach roasted in the hazel rose butter. In freshly dug potatoes.

Ox-Steak - Juicy, tender and deposits of intramuscular fat beef from Argentine free-range cattle that graze on lush meadows. The meat is cut as Châteaubriant and served with a light sauce of oksesky, white wine and tarragon. In baked potato and fresh crisp vegetables.

Roasted Red Deer - One of the finest pieces wildly, antlered. The best pieces are fried whole and served pink fried with harvest fruits, for example. the good Gråsten apple, cranberries and walnuts. In butter fried potatoes and a powerful red deer sauce seasoned just before serving with a strong red wine.

Salad table can be purchased for all main dishes and you can also order the salad table as a separate law.

Peder Oxe's Wine Cellar

Peder Oxe's Wine Cellar is a festive place where you can enjoy wine, drinks, classic cocktails and champagne for the happy music. The bar is especially known for its Strawberry Daiquiris and Mojito, and a host of specialty and classic drinks.