Experience the Forbidden City in your Sabbath year

Experience the Forbidden City in your Sabbath year


If you are one of the many young people who hold sabbaticals, you may be unsure what to do in those 12 months. Many choose to work in a bakery or as a teacher substitute to earn up to college or relocate. If you are more adventurous, you may have had a dream trip in mind. But now that traveling around the world is so easy, finding a place to choose can be difficult. If you love historic cities with exciting culture, then China can be a good bet.

China - the ancient empire

China is a huge country with almost 1.4 million people. There are therefore many cities and places to explore. The capital Beijing is known for the Great Wall of China, which is estimated to range between 3,000-5,000 km. It's a historic building, so if you love history, it's definitely worth a visit.

Beijing also offers sights such as the Forbidden City, which sounds pretty mysterious. The Forbidden City is the ancient imperial palace of the Ming Dynasty. The area has been open for a long time, but it was only in 2019 that visitors could visit the interior of the palace, so it is clearly something to tick off on the list.

If you want to experience something other than the capital, destinations like Shanghai can be exciting places to explore. China's largest city offers huge skyscrapers, rich shopping and delicious food. If you're ready to go downtown, nightlife in Shanghai is a world of exciting clubs. If you are not completely convinced by Shanghai's futuristic mood, then there is still cultural history in the big city in the form of a 400 year old garden with traditional houses.

Take a look at travel to China and experience a lot of history, culture shock and exciting food.