Experience Asia before starting university

Experience Asia before starting university


Getting to university is an experience in itself. An adult study environment with lots of professional challenges, where you meet many exciting people. It is also often the last stop for you before you enter the job market, and you start to think more about family foundation, savings and career goals. It's not necessarily boring, but you only have a single youth and plenty of time at the other end to think about all that. The youth are there to experience, and there is plenty of experience if you go to Asia. You can finance the trip with a loan from primebanks.org . Asia has a rich cultural history and the continent also offers nature experiences that you will not find in Europe.

A continent at war

When you think of Asia, you probably do not necessarily think of war as the first. It may be something you think is Europe's reservation. But Asia has a bloody history that must be experienced because the countries have been in fierce wars. This applies, among other things, to the Mongols' violent invasion of most of the continent, where China had to build the famous wall to keep the Mongols out. This is also true of the West, and especially the United States' struggles in Vietnam and Korea against the rise of the Communists. Or maybe Japan who fell victim to the nuclear weapon? These are all tragic stories that you cannot read through in the same way that you can experience it very closely.

Nature without equal

Asia is much more than densely populated metropolitan areas such as Beijing and Tokyo. It is home to some amazing creatures that you can meet very close. You have the opportunity to dive with whale sharks and see what the jungle looks like from the inside with its inexhaustible diversity of animal species. If you feel brave, you can also see it all from the top of one of the many mountains on the continent.