Øse Efterskole

Øse Efterskole

Secondary school focusing on the many branches of creativity

At Øse Efterskole there is the opportunity to unfold their creative abilities. Varde Post School offers a line of art and a line focusing on IT, Animation and Film. There is therefore ample opportunity to follow their interests if one chooses one year at the after school.

On the creative lines at Øse Efterskole you will, as a student, be able to develop your skills in a number of creative disciplines. Students have the opportunity to engage in different projects in collaboration with various teachers from both South Jutland, Midtjylland and West Jutland.

Art line at Øse Efterskole

There is room for immersion in art. As the after school itself writes, art is the form and color, images and creativity as well as material and immersion. On the art line, students have the opportunity to work with the creative work as well as the practical work in arts and crafts. Students will work with many topics in the art world, and there is ample opportunity to develop their artistic abilities in post-school stay.

Every year, a line-up is scheduled for a European city in the art line. Here students get the opportunity to experience the art and craft in another culture at galleries and museums. The tour helps inspire students to further work in the after school. The students on the line will develop their skills in a wide range of disciplines and materials in collaboration with the other students and art teachers from Sweden, Jutland, Central Jutland and West Jutland. The students therefore experience how to go to a creative after school .

Film, Animation and IT line

The movie, animation and IT line is for all the students who are an internal movie director or computer nerd. This allows students to work with and develop movies, advertisements, music videos, video blogs, audio, radio / podcasts, stop motion, 2D and 3D animations, 3D printers, graphic design, photography, green screen, speed art and IT -technique. There is therefore a great opportunity to develop its abilities with modern technology.

All students on the line go up to work with life and soul, so if you love to nudge with movies, IT and visualization, then it's the chance to live your dream. At Øse Efterskole they work on the basis of different courses, some of which are fundamentally mandatory courses. It helps to provide students with a common theoretical foundation within film, animation and IT. This means that all students will speak the same language. Read more about the line at Øse Efterskole: http://oese.dk/film-animation-it/