Nightclub lounge seduces city students

Nightclub lounge seduces city students

Words, images, dance and music puts a veil of seduction of the Black Diamond, when the Royal Library's culture Students Only !, invites city students to a spectacular total experience Friday, September 7 with: Rangleklods, Linkoban, Claus Hempler and Michael Møller .

A semester start party may sound like a lukewarm beer on an office time after hours at the university, but when it's culture Students Only !, that shoots the fall in time, it is with a customized total experience: On bridges and balconies in the Black Diamond superseded quiet concentration and coffee cups this evening of nightclub atmosphere and cocktails. the Royal Library's rich collections inspired a number of artists to interpret the theme of seduction through music, dance - and not least the visuals.

This is the fourth consecutive year, the Students Only! Make a gobstopper out of the city's finest library, and the seduction occurs in all its forms: Warm, playful, dark, sexy and of course fun! The inspiration is Søren Kierkegaard's Diary of a Seducer, found in the Royal Library's collections in the philosopher's own first edition. Kierkegaard's words will weave their way through the evening in the large projections and will be spoken of, inter alia Claus Hemplers dark voice.

The music is provided by new Danish and Swedish names - from hitting Linkoban of the hyped electronic crooner Rangleklods to bright, light and irresistible Swedish Lilla Sällskapet. The evening also offers classical features with excerpts from Mozart seduces opera Don Giovanni by the talented Swedish soprano Idil Alpsoy and tango toner from the booming accordion player Andreas Borregaard. Songwriter Michael Moller hits a melancholic nerve with his pop songs, while the seduction really get body in Lebanese Eli El Sultans muscular fusion belly dance. And Copia Doble Systema will welcome the audience to a digital sengekants variant of the Colombian cumbia genre.

Obscura, who made light and projections include Roskilde Festival and Distortion, will once again be in charge of the visuals that cover Diamond's surging inland - this time with a huge, gauzy cloth across the diamond's huge atrium. Seductive images from the library's collections and Kierkegaard quotes will almost float freely in space.

Experience evening on a cross bridge high in the Diamond tag or reclining on a balcony or a deck chair overlooking the sea. Café Moment serves this evening soup, bubbles, drinks and eco-pilsner.


SEMESTER START FEST 2012 Friday, September 7 pm. 19:30 to 00:30

Rangleklods · Linkoban
Claus Hempler reading · ANDREAS BORREGAARD ​​accordion
Idil Alpsoy (S) soprano · ELI EL SULTAN (LB) dance

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