The national Museum

The national Museum

The National Museum is Denmark's primary cultural and historical museum and an institution under the Ministry of Culture.

National Museum exhibition will be exciting and can be enjoyed by most people. The exhibition is really well built and there are really good and interesting information associated with the effects of the museum. See and read for example. Gold horns and sun chariot. Go helller not miss the café, which serves some light but quite delicious dishes of food. Also note that the entrance is free for all!



There are three divisions in the National Museum. There's Technology and Communication Department, inter alia, stands for Danish Middle Ages and Renaissance, Resistance Museum, Music Museum and Library Service. Conservation department is responsible of Archaeology and Property and Inventory. The last department is operating and administration department in charge of the more administrative as Public Services and Security and Internal Service.

Guided tours

At the National Museum firms and private groups order a variety of guided tours. We have extensive experience with guided tours for private groups. We are happy to customize tours according to your wishes, if possible and offer both guided tours of our exhibitions and our permanent collections, which houses over 10,000 years of Danish and international history.

A guided tour lasts approximately 45 minutes
Max. 28 people on a guided tour - In Victorian Home and Small Mill max. 15 people.

Note: Guided tours must be booked at least 1 week in advance.
Prices for companies and private groups: 600 kr. On weekdays.
Appendix 150 kr. On tours in foreign languages.
Appendix 150 kr. On guided tours on weekends and holidays.
Guided tours can also be taken outside the museum opening, but here is an extra charge for supervision.

You are always welcome to, call our booking where you can book tours and get help and guidance.

Monday - Friday. 10:00 to 14:00, phone 33 47 38 38