Nanking Takeaway & Diner

Nanking Takeaway & Diner

Nanking Takeaway & Diner offers exciting and exotic dining experiences, both as a take-away place and grill.

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Originally started Nanking Takeaway & Diner as a Chinese takeaway with classic Chinese dishes and later became a well-known and popular take-away restaurant in Aalborg. For Nanking Takeaway & Diner on Sjællandsgade 40 small 10 min. from the center of Aalborg. Many Aalborg Sere uses Nanking Takeaway & Diner when lunch or dinner to be Chinese, and with good reason. Nanking Takeaway & Diner has a take-away menu with traditional Chinese dishes such as spring rolls, Chop Suey, roast duck and some barbecue dishes. Prices are really reasonable and the portions generous - all in all, Nanking Takeaway & Diner a good eatery.

The menu

Menu choir at Nanking Takeaway & Diner contains both smaller portions for the small lunch and large menus where at least two people can eat their fill different Chinese dishes. The kitchen ensures that the dishes are homemade and all the ingredients are fresh and of high quality. See a selection from the menu here:

Tom yum soup w / large shrimp, chili and coconut milk

Lumpia m / pork, chicken, ham, shrimp

Pork w / mushrooms and bamboo shoots

Beef chop suey w / vegetables

Chicken breast w / pineapple in sweet and sour sauce

Beef w / pineapple in sweet and sour sauce

Deep fried prawns (6 pcs.) W / sweet and sour sauce

Sautéed prawns in Sichuan Pepper w / fresh vegetables

Roast duck w / vegetables in curry

Coming In several people, then offers Nanking Takeaway & Diner menus consisting of all three courses. A menu only costs 63 kr. 68 kr., Depending on the content. See two of the menus here: Menu A

Chicken soup or spring roll

Beef w / mushrooms and bamboo shoots

Specialty chop suey m / pork, chicken, shrimp, vegetables

Menu D

Tom yum soup w / large shrimp, chili, etc.

Beef w / pineapple in sweet and sour sauce

Pork w / chili, sugar snaps mm

If you like barbecue, you can also enjoy classic take-away dishes at Nanking Takeaway & Diner - see f. Example here:

1/1 grilled chicken

Large roast pork sandwich w / red cabbage and cucumber salad

Chicken Burger w / dressing and salad

Fish Burger w / salad mayonnaise and salad

Every day from. 11:00 to 16:00 you can use a lunch deals on barbecue where you for each order get a half liter of soda with.

Order take-away at 98 12 32 34


It's really cheap to order food at Nanking Takeaway & Diner. The vast majority of small dishes cost from 20 kr. 50 kr. Buyer, however, a menu (minimum 2 persons), which will save only about 65 kr. For all three courses. We highly recommend Nanking Takeaway & Diner for both the fast take-away meal and the larger evening meal - delicious and cheap