Marketing of lighting products B2B

Employer: DBS Lys

Area: Copenhagen

Added: 08/03/2018

Deadline: 31/03/2018

Ejby Industrivej 68, 2600 Glostrup.

Marketing of lighting products B2B

DBS Lys is looking for a student for the marketing of lighting products B2B. A part-time position that can develop into full-time positions.

A little background:

With the help of digital marketing, we will support the sale of our products.

We sell light sources, lighting fixtures, lamps, electrical equipment, etc. via our webshop.

We grow strongly with our project activities, where we provide complete lighting solutions for our private and public clients, and this is also supported by a digital platform.


The tasks:

  • Constant update of news in our webshop
  • Constantly monitor the web shop with a customer's view.
  • Manage campaign products online
  • Ensure consistency in marketing. Related items
  • The internal communication of news and product knowledge
  • Maintain product exhibits
  • Compile sales material to sellers
  • Measure the results, lead statistics
  • Secure photo and other documentation
  • Work with the PIM system
  • Introduce us to relevant social media
  • Understand and work with SEO


Expectations for Applicant:

You quickly get into new products and understand technical concepts.

You can take responsibility for a project where you will involve more people in your company.

You are interested in helping build professional marketing and you may. use it in connection with your study.


Working hours:

We imagine a working time of 15-20 hours a week with the possibility of full-time position at some point. We can arrange working hours to suit your other activities.



Ejby Industrivej 68, 2600 Glostrup

It is important for the good result that you are in the house and only to a limited extent can work from home.



About us:

We are 30 employees engaged in sales, design, warehousing and assembly. We have been undergoing a strong development from traditional wholesaler to a lighting company using the latest technologies.

Questions and applications to:

Director Henrik Worsøe

2011 2833

The listing will be closed on March 31, 2018

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