March Køreskolen

March Køreskolen

March Køreskolen has more than 35 years now, and is therefore one of the city's most experienced driving schools. Here are associated with three driving instructors and 4 school coaches.

Driving School's motto is "Not expensive, just better! This motto comes in the degree you as a student for good. Many driving schools lure of cheap license, ultimately becoming significantly more expensive. Wherefore, do yourself a favor and take your driver's license in March driving School. Here there is great openness about prices not only on driving lessons, but also what it costs to take a first aid course, driving test fees, etc..

All driving instructors in March Driving School has many years of experience in the industry, and this is your guarantee for a safe course - grounded in a great respect for the profession and the desire to make you a skilled driver. Nobody sends you to try before they are convinced that you can handle this - why are March Driving School failure rate is also extremely low.

You will receive theoretical training in new attractive premises in the center of Aarhus. March Driving offers only teaching through tablets, as currently. grave doubts legality of interactive teaching. The vast majority of students prefer, however, the more personalized instruction. Theory Tuition is free, and you can take as many lessons you want. Your first driving lessons will take place in a "playpen". Here you will learn about the car's basic functions and how to operate it. Here, there are other drivers present, and you can concentrate on getting comfortable with the car.

Trust is a key word and therefore you as a student of March Driving School experience that each instructor leads you through the entire process. In a hurry or do you just like to have your driver's license in a hurry, it is possible to get on a lynhold. Here you can after just 26 days left of your license in hand! has several times been recommended March Driving School by former students. Our overall assessment is extremely positive, and we could only find information to support that. Furthermore stands website professional and serious. The price is also reasonable, and transparent. You have to take a driving license in Aarhus is March Driving an obvious option.