Mana Spirit Center

Mana Spirit Center

In the northern part of Odense Mana Spirit Center. Here you have the opportunity to get ahead in life if you feel it is stalled or have some challenges with our minds.

Annbirthe are trained in dynamic cognitive existential psychotherapy, and it is seasoned with a large dose of life experience. Her approach to each and every individual is different, since all come with individual issues in their luggage as they want to come to life. You would like visitors to Annbirthe immediately feel the inner peace of mind and a desire to open up the issues that hurt.

"The world's best Annbirthe. Has several times in my life helped both me and my family. Recently my daughter who suffers from anxiety. Already after 2 treatments, big difference and a completely different profits ... A scenario that is not over yet, but we have a daughter who now operate and can stand to be in school. Sending the best recommendations. " - Camilla


Is a tool that Annbirthe often uses in his work. The healing is done by the person lying relaxed on a couch or sitting comfortably in a chair. Whether you feel drained of energy, or stressed so helps healing in a way as an energy boost for both mind and body. Annbirthes inspiration for healing is from our own Nordic Viking roots, and Native American spirituality. She has combined the two worlds into one and allows the recipient of healing an experience and philosophy of life which you have not previously been able to feel or think. Besides, she has a wide range of experience in working with children and young people. This applies, from earliest infancy and up.

"There are many things I could write, but will save you all for a long novel :) To come here and after just two times, but it helped that there are prospects for major changes in my life.
Do not put off what you are looking gi 'it a try and am sure you will not regret visiting Annbirthe "- Mike

Fertility treatment:

Many go with the dream of having a child, but despite numerous attempts not gotten it to succeed. The reasons may be many, but at Annbirthe there may be help available. Using her healing, she has many examples of women who have tried for months and years to conceive, has suddenly it after 2-3 treatments. As she herself says she will not guarantee that she can help, and how she makes is not known, but she is happy for the abilities she has and take pride in helping young and aspiring couples to make their dream come reality.

It has also been to some good references over time, such as:

"My girlfriend and I had been trying for almost 2 years to become parents, but nothing helped. She started with Annbirthe to be healed and already after the second treatment she said that it was as if there sprang a plug inside her. Her menstruation began before time and went as usual, and when she was about to start his third treatment was not necessary as she was already pregnant! What it has happened we do not know, but happy we are and can only give the best recommendations from here . "- Thomas can only give the best recommendations of Mana Spirit Center, and it's extremely easy to use prices. You get so much back, and it's an investment in your life that never falls away.