Meal boxes for students: Overview of cheap meal boxes

Meal boxes for students: Overview of cheap meal boxes


Meal boxes have never been more popular than now. There are many meal box suppliers, which ensures a large selection. There is something for everyone and vendors have vastly different audiences - but which vendors offer cheap meal boxes to students?

We have examined the most popular meal boxes and below you can read about the benefits of the different suppliers.

(Pssst… At the bottom you will find the cheapest meal box for students and 1 person meal boxes)

The seasons - The organic meal boxes

The seasons are the most popular supplier of meal boxes. They started in 1999, before the internet became public domain. For the first many years, the Ages were pretty much the only ones offering meal boxes.

Since the beginning of 2010, however, a number of players have chosen to offer meal boxes, which has been good for Danish consumers. This means that there is more competition, which results in greater selection and lower prices.

The seasons are known for their organic produce, of which they grow the vast majority on their own fields. Even the meat in the meal boxes is organic and tastes absolutely fantastic.

The seasons offer many different meal boxes, so there is something for everyone:

  • Kvikkassen - One of the most popular meal boxes for the family of children. Here the dishes typically take 30 minutes to make.
  • The Weight Loss Box - Here, the focus is on low-calorie meals (typically about 500 calories), but also with a focus on satiety and great enjoyment.
  • Vegetarian food - Green meals that take approx. 45 minutes to make.
  • Pescetarkassen - Focus on fish and or vegetarian dishes.
  • Dishes - Here is the focus on the classic dishes such as curries in curry, burger, roast pork etc.
  • World Cup - Do you love to taste new, exciting dishes? Then the world box is just for you. Spicy meals without pork.
  • The gluten-free vegan box - Yeah, that almost goes without saying.

The seasons deliver for free throughout the country.


Skagen food - The healthy meal boxes

With Skagenfood, the focus is on delicious meals with fish. Skagenfood specializes in flavorful meal boxes with fresh fish. Here you really get a taste and it is clear that the quality of the raw materials is top notch.

Skagenfood offers various meal boxes:

  • Skagenkassen - With Skagenkassen you get 2-3 days of inspirational fishing meals.
  • Just heat box - With just heat box you get 2-3 days of ready meals, completely fresh and tasty.
  • Climate box - Focus on meals that do not harm the climate.
  • Weight Loss Box - Do you have a few extra pounds? With the Skagenfood slimming box you can lose weight without compromising the taste.
  • Children's box - Child-friendly dishes with fish.


Simple Feast - The vegan and vegetarian meal boxes

Simple Feast is the newest meal box supplier. Here you will find vegan and vegetarian meal boxes, which are quick to make. If you love ecology and climate, then simple feast is just for you.

They currently offer. 2 meal boxes:

  • Family Feast - 3 kid-friendly meals with a focus on delicious ingredients that everyone - kids too like.
  • Green Feast - 3 green meals where the taste is high.

Both boxes are prepared evening menus. You don't have to spend time preparing your meals, which is great when you have a busy day as a student.


Chef's Everyday Food - The Quick Meal Boxes

The chef's everyday food is made by the same company that is behind the chef & the virgin - The company that is loved for their catering for parties and celebrations.

With the chef's everyday food, you get classic family-friendly meals. You can put together your own meal boxes and there is a large selection. It provides a great deal of flexibility and it really helps in a busy everyday life.


Pretty easy -The cheap meal boxes

RetNemt grows explosively because there is 100% freedom of choice between the dishes. RetNemt focuses on great pleasure and healthy dishes. Meals take from 30 to 60 minutes to make, so cooking with the whole family is a good idea - it's a great way to be together.

You will receive a 15% discount on the first two meal boxes you will receive. It's a great initiative where you save money and RetNemt is allowed to show their worth - win / win for both parties!


The cheapest meal box for students?

Then came the big question: What is the cheapest meal box if you are a student? And it all depends on how your situation is. Do you have children? Do you have a girlfriend? Do you often eat out? Are you single? Do you have roommates?

If we base ourselves on a student who lives alone, then there are these options:

  • The seasons: Kvikassen, 1 person, 3 days: DKK 92 per envelope.
  • The seasons: The Vegetarian box, 1 person, 4 days: DKK 76 per envelope.
  • The seasons: The gluten-free vegan box, 1 person, 4 days, DKK 82 per envelope
  • The seasons: Life dishes, 1 person, 3 days, DKK 92 per envelope.
  • The seasons: Slim box, 1 person, 3 days, DKK 96 per envelope.
  • The seasons: Flexitar, 1 person, 4 days, 90 DKK per envelope.
  • The seasons: Sensekassen, 1 person, 4 days, DKK 96 per envelope.
  • Seasons: Vegetarian 20 minutes, 1 person, 4 days, DKK 85 per envelope.
  • Seasons: Slim 24/7 - 5 days, 1 person, 5 days, 795 kr.
  • Skagenfood: Climate box, 1 person, 4 days, 92 kr. per envelope.
  • Skagenfood: Pescetarkassen, 1 person, 3 days, DKK 103 per envelope.
  • Skagen food: Go Green box, 1 person, 4 days, DKK 92 per envelope.
  • Skagenfood: Just Heat box, 1 person, 3 days, DKK 106 per envelope.
  • Skagen food: Vegetarian box, 1 person, 3 days, DKK 74 per envelope.
  • Skagenfood: Slim box, 1 person, 4 days, DKK 92 per envelope.
  • Chef's everyday food: Choose yourself, 1 person, 4 days, DKK 92 per envelope.

The cheapest boxes for students or 1 person meal boxes are thus Aarstiderene and Skagenfood's vegetarian boxes. Here you get a nice, organic meal for DKK 74-76 per envelope.


A good advice: Go with your roommate

Unfortunately, few students can afford to pay DKK 74-76 per envelope. Therefore, most students who choose to order meal boxes choose to go with others.

For example, it is an obvious option if you live in a community. If you are 6 people who go together for meal boxes from RetNemt for 5 days, you can get down to 40 DKK per envelope.

In this way, you ensure healthy and nutritious meals, where you do not have to decide what to eat for dinner.

We hope you have been inspired in your search for cheap meal boxes for students!