Delicious tapas recipes for the student

Delicious tapas recipes for the student

Tapas are small different dishes that you can make from almost anything. They must be easy to eat and able to touch all the taste buds. Usually, tapas is probably associated with something a little semi-expensive, your parents bought every night on holiday in Spain, but if you have the courage to make it yourself, it can be done relatively cheaply.

It's a more fun and exciting way to get food that is affordable. So put the pasta and the rice on the shelf, now we are going to give you some tips you can use to make your own delicious and cheap tapas.

What ingredients to keep an eye on?

Easy, homemade tapas can be made from almost anything you dream of. It does not have to have an exclusively Spanish theme. If you are really brave, then you can experiment with Danish or German tapas. It's up to you.

But in general, the ingredients should be something in the style of different kinds of fish, meat, cheese and vegetables.

For example, you can make salmon tapas tapas on top of some delicious blinis (small pancakes). You can bite them in one mouthful, and it tastes heavenly. The amount of salmon to consume is not very much, so it is also cheap.

You can also make your own focaccia with thyme and salt. It is inexpensive, and can be used for much other than tapas as well.

Keep an eye out for specials in the supermarket

If you do not know what tapas to make, then you can take a peek down into the supermarket and look at what they have on offer.

Often there is always something exciting or unorthodox that you can experiment with, to make something delicious based on easy recipes online.

Offers one should always keep an eye on are something like shrimp, for example. Shrimp are usually relatively expensive, and are therefore difficult to squeeze into a limited food budget. But they can be used for a lot. Just like with salmon, you can make tapas with them on top of blinis, and possibly add some herb cream or other delicious accompaniment.

Experiment and experiment!

Tapas is a versatile form of cooking and there are really no limits to what you can create in your kitchen. Use all the resources that are available to you, and then you should probably be able to come up with something exciting.

Find delicious recipes online, or make your very own experiments. The most important thing is that you save money and get good food at the same time.