Lægeforeningens College

The College is located on the relatively quiet Hesseløgade on Outer Østerbro. It is not far from campus (physics, chemistry, biology, pharmacy, computer science, etc..) And Panum. There are 4.5 km to the center, 600 m. Svanemøllen st. and 20 m. to the Net. Fælledparken (and fount park) is also not far away. The college has 83 rooms spread over 5 floors. On most floors is one of 19 rooms to share a kitchen / living room. There is a lounge section with a TV in every kitchen.

All rooms have private bath / toilet and most rooms are 12 sqm. (A few rooms on the fourth floor is a little larger). There is internet and phone jack in every room, but NOT TV plug. (It's heavy stuff in the beginning, but you can get used to not having a TV in the room). There is fast internet in the rent (currently 2 x 20 Mbits) and internal telephone system.