Kruse's Driving School

Kruse's Driving School

Kruse's Driving School is a solo venture as a 'run' of Kørelærer Conny Kruse, born 1960 and approved driving instructor since 1988.

I chose the driving instructor profession, because I thrive working with people. I like to run.

I feel equally well, whether it be behind the wheel of a car, tractor, bus or truck. I like challenges.

I teach tractor driving on Hans Berg Organia, and I teach in the car, taxi and tractor driving license driving school.

I teach in Danish, English and German. And also has a good working relationship with several interpreters.

I make no compromise with quality, price and road safety. It is not a human right to have a license.

That said, we come to this: In crimped driving school are all treated with respect.

Students are taught the principle of personal contact. The response from both teachers and students.

There used both computer, slides and blackboard in the classroom.
Students get a theory book, and a task booklet for homework. There lent against deposit both DVD and CD ROM.