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Are you seeking housing in Kolding? So you can find student residence in Kolding here - we have listed rental housing , cooperative housing , as parents , student housing, student housing, dormitories, apartments from both public and private landlords.

Many students and prospective students considering initially colleges, or an apartment which may be shared with one or more roommates. In these times one should also consider as parents, which is growing rapidly. Have your parents already a house with equity, or money in the account, so can a parent purchases be a very attractive solution for both you and your parents. Not only do you get student housing of very high quality, but your parents can also benefit from an often good investment.

Of course, as parents somewhat more cumbersome than other solutions and not possible for everyone. In these cases it is obvious to start with the many excellent colleges. Not only is it pretty straightforward, colleges are often also of fairly high quality in Kolding and rented at very favorable prices. The less positive as choosing a college as student housing is that they can be very difficult to get space - especially in Copenhagen and Aarhus. For virtually all of Denmark colleges here.

Are you a little more wealthy than the average you can find your own apartment. An apartment gives you complete freedom and are in most cases a very convenient solution. If you turn up with a roommate or two, then you can settle in enddog pretty luxurious apartments in most cities in Kolding. You will find plenty of rental apartments is over.

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Room in huge luxurious apartment for rent in central Kolding

Room in huge luxurious apartment for...

Hello seeking housing in my luxuriou...

Type of housing: Værelse

Price: 3500 kr

Size: 20 m²

Room: 1

Roommate wanted! Available 1/2 in 2017!

Roommate wanted! Available 1/2 in 20...

Hi every one. We are two girls who a...

Type of housing: Værelse

Price: 2550 kr

Size: 15 m²

Room: 1

Dorms and Rental Proprietors

  • Vamdrup Boligselskab

    Vamdrup Boligselskab

    Vamdrup Boligselskab consists of 9 wards with a total of 246 rentals, spread over a wide range of different housing types. From 1-bedroom student housing to single-family homes, townhouses and multi-storey buildings with 2-5 rooms. The residences vary in size from 37 to 110 m2, so there are good opportunities to get accommodation, which corresponds to household size and space requirements.

  • Workers Cooperative-Boligforening

    Workers Cooperative-Boligforening

    AAB Kolding, is a public housing association - founded in 1938 - which aims to construct, lease, manage, maintain and modernize publicly subsidized housing, so that the homes are an attractive residential facilities for Kolding citizens. AAB Kolding rent apartments in the heart of Kolding. It is one of the largest housing associations in the triangle with over 5,300 leases. AAB Kolding offers modern apartments with good decor and many modern facilities. Most of our apartments are located centrally in the town of Kolding and is thus…

  • Tyrstrup Andelsboligforening 1955

    Tyrstrup Andelsboligforening 1955

    Tyrstrup Andelsboligforening 1955 has approximately 300 homes divided into two sections, located in Christiansfeld, Taps, Stepping, Sjølund and Hejls. Tyrstrup Andelsboligforening of 1955, both youth housing, family housing, public housing, senior housing and…

  • Andelsboligforeningen Koldinghus

    Andelsboligforeningen Koldinghus

    A cooperative located in Glænøvænget 2-20 in Kolding. There is a long waiting list, but it's worth writing up early, so there is opportunity to move in when you are ready to buy a house.