Copenhagen Technical School (KTS)

Copenhagen Technical School (KTS)

Copenhagen Technical School a wide variety of courses in many technical areas.

Facts about school

KTS offers lessons at 9 locations in the metropolitan area . The school is one of the largest technical school and in 2009 had a turnover of 458 million kroner.

KTS offers five VET basic program , targeting 32 main courses where the school offering the 24. Moreover, the school offers HTX-Technical High School .

Besides the regular courses, the school has more than 275 different training courses (2009) within 29 business areas.

The school has about 4,000 students per year and 615 employees represent school education, management and operation (figures from 2009).

See a presentation folder about KTS. KTS - an introduction


KTS started in 1843 as the ringleader Lasenius Kramp created a school for apprentices under the Tech Underwater Society's school. Here apprentices taught drawing two evenings a week - a lot has happened. Read more about the school's history

Video tour of KTS

Listen KTS 'employees talk about how it is to be employed at the school. We have arranged a small tour of the school's nine departments. Watch the videos .