Klippestuen Z

Are you looking for a high-end hairdresser with good prices in Copenhagen? Then Klippestuen Z is just for you! Klippestuen Z is located at different addresses in Copenhagen, which is at the addresses: Falkoner Allé 50, Falkoner Allé 27, HC Ørstedsvej 1B and Gl. Kongevej 171. If your hair needs a refresh, you can visit one of these four cozy salons located in Copenhagen. Here, their professional and skilled team stands ready to fulfill your desires for your hair. So if you are at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen, then it is definitely Klippestuen Z, which is worth a visit.

In Klippestuen Z's salons you will always be met by a positive and fun team, and the atmosphere is far from snobbish - which you might otherwise fear in a high end hairdresser. However, this is not the case at all, and the hairdressers here are both smiling and happy, which makes the hairdressing experience really good. You will therefore have a delicious and high-quality haircut experience in high end manner with friendly staff and a lovely atmosphere.

If you want to make sure you get a haircut where the salon is up to date with the latest trends, then you are definitely assured of this when you get a haircut at Klippestuen Z. Whatever the latest cutting trends, dyeing or extensions, the hairdressers are updated here. They regularly attend courses and continuing education that make sure they are up to date with the latest fashions and techniques. These courses take place both in Denmark and abroad, so the hairdressers are also updated for the latest fashion and trends outside the country, which means that their competences in the field are really great. This way they can offer the best for you and your hair in the salon.

This hairdresser houses anyone who needs a new hairstyle. Whether you are a woman, man, elderly, young or child, there is room for you here in the salon. Here in the salon they are not snobbish and everyone is welcome and as a customer you are always in the center. As a student, however, you have an added advantage when you sit in the hairdresser's chair at Klippestuen Z. You get a 10% student discount as a student. So if you just remember to bring your student card when you go to the salon, they will give you a discount on your treatment.  

Whatever your needs and needs for your new hairstyle, the hairdressers are here to meet your needs. In addition, they also come up with good advice and guidance so that you can together achieve the best possible result. If you come in to the hairdresser but have no idea what you want for your new hairstyle, then the hairdressers can come up with inputs and ideas. Here, for example, the hairdressers start from your hair type and face shape to find the best possible hairstyle for you. Here you will get competent guidance on your new hairstyle, products that best suit your hair and more. As they are at the forefront of the latest trends, they are ready with a lot of great ideas for your new hairstyle. Their hairdresser and men's hairdresser can handle both haircut and hair color of all hair types and lengths, and there is no task that is too cumbersome for them. Their great skills in the hairdressing world can help you out of even the biggest hair crisis. Their specialty in the salons is hair dyeing, and here they perform several different color techniques. But don't worry, this is not something you need to master what color technique you need. Of course, they can advise you on which color shade and color technique is best for you as a person and your personal style.

At Klippestuen Z, they make sure to advise the clients according to their professional background, where they can assess which hairstyle fits and your style. Here they make sure to find a look that suits your wishes, your face and your personal style, so that the hairstyle is best for you. In the salon, they aim to be a team that can help you with different things insidefor the hairdressing world. Here creativity and quality are their most important keywords and you are sure to leave their salons with the most amazing result.

At the time of writing Klippestuen Z has 104 reviews on Facebook. Here they have a total of 4.5 stars out of 5, which clearly indicates that customers are extremely satisfied with the salon, their new hairstyle and their treatment. Here, the customers pay special attention to the good service and the good treatment that the hairdressers receive. Several have even chosen to share their results in the form of before / after pictures so you can see the great results. If you want to see more of their great creations and treatments then you can check out their Instagram.

Their expertise and extensive experience means that at this high end hairdresser you could easily think that the price was too expensive for a student. However, this is not the case, as the prices at Klippestuen Z are certainly affordable and fair. Here you can easily get a delicious treatment and a new hairstyle at a cheap price, while in no way compromising on quality and results. You are therefore assured that the price is fair, the result is good and that you leave the salon happy and satisfied. This is something that is a top priority at the salon, and customer satisfaction is definitely in the top spot.

If this sounds like a lot to you, then you can choose to book a time either online or call them. Read more on their website if you want to know more about specific prices, treatments or their products. You are also welcome to contact one of the salons if you would like to know more specific things that you would like to talk to someone from the salons around. They will certainly want to help you with your questions and provide your new hairstyle so you can follow the latest fashion.