Kingos Traffic School

Kingos Traffic School was established in 1986 and since then traffic school able to help thousands of satisfied students on the road with their new license.

Kingos Traffic School has a big experience in driving lessons, and therefore have a good understanding of what it takes for you as a student consists of theory and driving test while you become a confident and safe driver.

At Kingo Trafikskole they do not consider that it's price, which determines whether a driving school is good or not, but passed a driving test. A passed the driving test at the first attempt is also cheaper in the long end, instead of a record cheap beat-to-price, where you should go over and over again.

Driving Teachers at Kingos Trafikskole runs in modern school vehicles such as BMW, Toyota, Opel, Hyundai mm which means a good and safe experience in the car - even for the driving test.

- To take driver's license is a matter of trust, and with Kingos Traffic School takes you driving at an extremely serious and professional driving school that will help you throughout the process.

At Kingos Traffic School you can choose between teams theory classes, where the driving instructor who teaches on the big screen, or personal DVD theory lessons, which runs the teacher will help you whenever you want! That way you can choose theory classes based on how you think you learn best and what you make the most of.