At Wildersgade 10b, 1408 Copenhagen K you will find the popular restaurant Kadeau. In 2013, the restaurant was awarded its first star and in 2018 it received another michelin star, which it still has at this time. Kadeau is thus one of the most exclusive restaurants to be found in Copenhagen.

Kadeau started at Bornholm and after a spectacular success, it was Copenhagen's turn to enjoy a little bite of the sunshine. The restaurant is founded by the well-known chefs Rasmus Kofoed, Nicolai Nørregaard and Magnus Høegh Kofoed, all of whom are from Bornholm. The menu is inspired by Bornholm specialties and Danish ingredients, and changes by season. The restaurant focuses on each and every guest, and you will therefore be well met when you visit restaurant Kadeau in Copenhagen.

For Kadeau, it is important to keep old traditions alive and to innovate. Therefore, as a guest, you will experience an exploratory and experimental approach to cooking, which culminates in some special but absolutely tasty dishes. Thus, you are guaranteed a high-level gastronomy experience when dining at Kadeau. For the food you can get carefully selected wines to suit just that. So, when you visit this restaurant, you are guaranteed a gastronomic experience that is a little out of the ordinary. A visit to the Kadeau restaurant should therefore undoubtedly be on the list of places to eat that are definitely worth visiting!

On Facebook, Kadeau gets 4.7 out of 5 possible stars, indicating that it is a popular restaurant that is definitely worth a visit. The excellent food and the amazing staff are two of the things that are particularly highlighted by previous visitors. Once in a while you have to indulge yourself a little, and why not make a visit to this absolutely fantastic and attractive restaurant? So it's just about getting a table booked, and then there is only left to say; Bon appetite!