Entrepreneurship flourishes in Denmark

Entrepreneurship flourishes in Denmark

For several years in a row Denmark has been voted the happiest country in the world. A title one as a nation and a dane can certainly be proud of. One of the factors that matters most to us is the obvious sense of happiness, that we generally feel safe and secure. This is mainly due to our status as a welfare state with a strong public safety network that embraces society's weakest. Therefore, we grow up with the belief that everything is going to go and that the world is in our feet if only we dare run a risk and make an effort. That is why Denmark is also concerned with another great honor, which is one of the top countries in the world where entrepreneurship is growing. More and more run out as self-employed within a wide range of professions.

Wedding photographer, copywriter, shopkeeper, online florist , musician and much, much more are just some of the professions we Danes try to make on their own. We increasingly want to be our own boss, to create something and, above all, to have freedom and flexibility in everyday life. The world economy, including the Danish, is growing again in the wake of the financial crisis, and it gives courage to emerging traders with an entrepreneurial dream in the stomach.

Online bookkeeping

Especially one area has experienced a huge boom over the last decade - namely online trading. We are busy, therefore shopping should take place easily, quickly and just when it suits us. This has meant that in today's Denmark you can buy everything from travel, clothes, food and flowers online.

But even if you are looking for a career as a webshop holder, it requires that you have firm management on your accounting and general accounting to survive as self-employed. If you do not even have the very big deal of goodness, you can find an accountant online help , thus finding the ideal accountant who possesses the skills you need.

In Denmark, we have a relatively complex VAT and tax system, a system that can easily be squeezed in if you do not make sure that you keep track of your company's income and expenses.

A golden rule in entrepreneurship sounds; Concentrate on what you are good at and let others know about the rest.