Department of Biological Medicine

Department of Biological Medicine

In the late '70s was the germ of the Department of Biological Medicine put Kurt Winberg Nielsen founded the first biopatiskole in Denmark. There was then a strong focus on the natural and it was also where alternative treatment began its foray into Denmark. Now, there is much more focus on alternative treatment and it has become more common to use these. Natural Medicine preferred by more gradually as general practitioners fall short.

Department of Biological Medicine wants to educate biopathologists in biological medicine and thus give them a good and healthy foundation of knowledge in the field. In this way, the students acquired some skills that they can use in consultation with their clients. This is partly also a great knowledge about the supplements and foods that make biopathologists are popular as consultants in this industry.

Work extensively with training and continuous development and as a student you will be well prepared and have a deeper understanding of anatomy, physiology and pathology, which are also some of the subjects to use in daily life.

The final exam requires a high level of professional knowledge, which the student acquires during the year through partial examinations and interviews with teachers.

Årsamtalerne also helps to give students an insight into whether it is niche they have chosen, or whether there are other options that better suit them. Department of Biological Medicine helps students to find the right shelf and supports individuals in their needs, socially, financially and psychologically, if necessary.

Furthermore, there is a very active Facebook page, which you can become a part of when you signed the contract. Here are a lot sparring downloading and good opportunities to be inspired to be a better deal.


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Department of Biological Medicine