No studio apartment close to the studio?

No studio apartment close to the studio?

As many students have experienced, it can be unusually difficult to get a dorm room or a studio apartment close to their place of education. Here we look at what you can do if you have been admitted to your dream education but can not find a home close to your studio.

In some families, you choose to make a so-called parental purchase, where the parents buy an apartment, which their child then rents, possibly. together with a roommate and thus get an even cheaper rent. However, not everyone is so lucky and good advice is expensive.

Search further away

Everyone wants to live close to their job or place of education, so that the transport time is as short as possible, and that is the most optimal. If you can not find a home close by, you may have to search further afield, but that does not have to be a bad thing, because here you can think creatively and acquire an electric bike . On it, you quickly arrive at your place of education, and you suddenly have far more options when it comes to a place to live. In principle, you can rent a room on a farm a little out in the country, because with your lightning-fast electric bike Copenhagen, it is easy to get to the studio.

Good exercise with help

There are many models of electric bikes, and you can, among other things. choose a gazelle electric bike . With it you get there quickly, and even though the bike helps you a lot and it is easier to step on the bike, you still get good exercise. Exactly exercise is something that some students fail to prioritize in favor of homework and partying with classmates, but it is now important to stay in shape. Good health as an old man is founded in adolescence, and it pays to prioritize his health, both when it comes to exercise, but also when it comes to diet and smoking.

Makes it hard for the thief to steal

An electric bike is not cheap, and since it is a large investment that you may have saved up for a long time, it is of course in your interest to take good care of it. Therefore, get yourself a good solid lock, preferably a chain lock. You can probably never completely prevent thieves from stealing bicycles, as the professionals of them have the tools they need, no matter how good a lock you have. However, one can make it cumbersome for them so that they might fail to take it and instead choose another that is easier to go to. When you have the opportunity, feel free to park the bike in a place where not everyone has access, and avoid putting it out on the street as much as possible.