Furnish the study house: Tips for decorating small homes

Furnish the study house: Tips for decorating small homes

As a student, there is seldom the advice of a large and luxurious student residence. Few square meters and space can therefore limit the choice of decor when moving into a smaller home. When you design your study home, it is therefore smart to think about the solutions you choose so that you make the best use of the space. Below you will find a number of good tips that create spaciousness, warmth and smart solutions for your study home.

Create spaciousness with bright colors

It is a known fact that bright colors create a greater sense of space. When you design your study home, it is therefore a good idea to think about what colors you paint on the walls and the overall color of your home. Not all walls need to be white. On the other hand, you can play with bright tones that create both warmth and spaciousness in your study home. Bright colors like beige and light gray can create a warm and well designed home. Paint one of the walls in the living room or bedroom another color than white to create a different but spacious feel in your study home. Find the color selection that fits XL BYG .

Do it yourself furniture that suits your goals

In small homes, it can sometimes be difficult to find furniture that fits perfectly in the goals. It can therefore be smart with do-it-yourself solutions that fit the goals of your study home. You can, for example, make your own shelves or your own desk that fits perfectly in the corners and crochets of the study home. See more do your own home tips https://www.xl-byg.dk/goer-det-selv/huset-inde/

Divide the living room

If you live in a one-room student residence, the challenge can also be to divide the living room and bedroom. However, there are several ways to frame the living room and bedroom to create room-in-room in your one-bedroom.

Curtains for division

Curtains are the perfect way to split your one-bedroom home. If you set up curtains, you can create an illusion about multiple rooms and define the bedroom and living room. One idea is to set up curtains about your bed, so you create a bedroom. Thus you can close the bedroom when you have guests. White and light curtains are the best way to framed the bedroom without compromising the spaciousness of the accommodation.

Carpets for partitioning

If curtains are not the solution for you, you can also use blankets to framed a bedroom. If you place a large carpet under the bed, this can frame and define the living space in the living room and bedroom.

Furnishing of the balcony in the studio

Not all studios have a balcony, but for those who have a balcony, it is about taking advantage of the extra space. Most balconies in studios are limited in square meters. That's why a cafe set or furniture fits perfectly into a smaller balcony. In addition to garden furniture you can also create cozy on the small balcony with cushions, puddles and tiles for outdoor use. Create a cozy corner on the balcony and take advantage of the limited space. You can also use your balcony to plant herbs so that it does not fill the kitchen. Different size and style jars create a cozy atmosphere and work well for planting herbs.