What should you do after primary school?

What should you do after primary school?

Once you finish primary school, you are faced with the choice of what secondary education to take. In fact, you must have made the choice before you are done. This may well seem like a stressful and difficult choice. There are so many possibilities that it may seem like something of a jungle.

boarding school

Don't feel ready for a youth education and would you like a break where you can learn something a little different? Then after-school is a good choice for you. Not everyone has the opportunity to go to school, but if you are lucky, you will certainly not regret leaving. Here you will have the opportunity to grow your interests, meet a whole lot of new people and become more aware of a youth education. You will learn to take better care of yourself and become responsible because you live without your parents for a year.

High school or vocational education

If, on the other hand, you want to start a youth education right away, just find out which one. Overall, you can choose between a high school education and a vocational education. High school is for you who like to sit down and learn something, write assignments and the like. Vocational training is for those who like to go practical and want to feel things in their own hands. Read more about the possibilities here. In secondary education there are both STX, HTX, HHX and HF.

Choose according to your interests

In general, it is important that you choose according to your interests. Don't choose based on what your friends are doing or what your parents have done or say you need to do. You will be most pleased with your choice if you choose based on your own interests.