Hunderup Dog Salon

When it comes to man's best friend, only the best care is good enough! This is something that all dog owners can agree on. If you are the lucky owner of a cute dog, you might be looking for a dog salon in Odense where your dog can get a professional treatment. At Marina Helgens, in the salon Hunderup Dog Salon, your dog has the opportunity to get a wealth of different treatments. If that sounds like a place for your dog (and you), then you will find exactly Hunderup Dog Salon in Odense M at the address Munkerisvej 19.

For Marina Helgens in Hunderup Dog Salon, it is important that your dog feels security and love while receiving the care it deserves. When it comes to the range of treatments, there is a little variety that you can choose from, depending on what your dog needs. It is possible to order everything from machine trims, clips, hand trims and clips of claws to washing and drying, care (daytime, weekend, holiday or by appointment), nutrition advice, walks and health checks as well as vaccination by the veterinarian Henrik Ullum, with whom the salon cooperates. At Hunderup Dog Salon you have respect for the craft and the needs of the individual dog. You can read more about the various services the salon offers on their own website if you are interested in reading more. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call Hunderup Hundesalon. Bookings are also done by phone.

If you own a dog and are looking for a dog salon with a good selection of services, then you may need to check out the Hunderup Dog Salon. It is a dog salon where the craft is mastered. Here during treatment, all dogs and their individual needs are taken good care of. You can follow both the Dog Salon's Facebook page and their own website for news, information about services and the like.