Skin Care Institute

Cosmetic Institute is not a beauty clinic, but they have a different approach to skin care. Call them to find out more about what they can do for you.

The skin care institution does not define itself as a beauty clinic. They have a completely different approach to skin care. Skin care is not about beauty. No matter about self-pity, luxury or. The skin is your largest body, and the same rules apply to take care of your skin as well as to fit your teeth. It's about health, hygiene and well-being. A lucky side effect is that you will be more beautiful to look at it.
The skin care institute is therefore committed to providing you with the best skin care experience that gives you the results you are looking for.

The skin care institute's cosmetologists are all educated at Dermalogica and, with Dermalogica's products and FaceMapping® skin analysis, have some of the best prerequisites to put together the right treatment and a home care program for you, tailored to the specific needs your skin now has. In this way you are guaranteed the results you want for your skin.

When it comes to makeup, the most beautiful makeup is a healthy skin. Most of us still make a makeup, and Jane Iredale is a perfect choice as it is an extensive makeup series based solely on natural minerals. The skin care institute has chosen them because of the health-promoting properties of the series. The products do not contain chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances, fillers such as talc or artificial dyes. The products are equally healthy for the skin as it looks beautiful on it. The skin care institution would like to make your makeup.