If you are active on Instagram and follow where the famous food bloggers eat, then you have definitely heard about Hooked. If you are fond of fish, you have come to the right place, because here street food is served based on fish. Their popularity has meant that three restaurants in Copenhagen have been expanded, so you can now get seafood at Nørrebro, Kødbyen and Carlsberg Byen.

All hip restaurants need to start somewhere. Hooked was first a food truck started by the two friends Kasper and Matthew. In their food truck, many hours were spent perfecting their fish and chips recipe, and one must say that they were successful. In 2017, the small food truck became a restaurant in Nørrebro, where curious Copenhageners and tourists could be allowed to taste from their fish menu.

The first restaurant then became one more in the meat city and in 2020 the largest restaurant opened so far in Carlsberg town. Street food is served at Hooked, so in the classic way you order your food and pick it up yourself. There is a very relaxed atmosphere, so you can spend an afternoon with friends at one of their restaurants.

The menu is quite varied and it is almost crazy how many different ways you can get your fish. Of course, they have the classics, like their fish and chips. But they also experiment, including with their lobster rolls, which are lobster rolls available in an Asian and Scandinavian version.

You may have seen their wild and crispy burgers on Instagram? Their own Hooked burger contains fish that come directly from the North Sea. It is served as a menu of pumpkin fries and dip to.

If you want something that is less greasy, then go and try their poké bowls. There are fish that are served with things like avocado, edamame beans and rice. Of course, they also have different beverages to choose from. You can get cocktails and wine or cold beers from the brewery BRUS, which is next door to the restaurant.

Although their food truck has become a successful restaurant, they have not forgotten the food truck completely. You can rent it for different events, which can make any party or event extra bold. At the same time, the fish bar is a great place to warm up for a party, as you can have both dinner and the evening's first drinks. So whether you want to continue in Nørrebro's vibrant city life or party in the meat village, Hooked is a perfect place to start.

If you're also hooked on the idea of fish and chips in long courses, go past Hooked. You get delicious food at one of the trendiest places in Copenhagen, and at the same time you can tell your family that you have had fish at the best street food place in the city. They can be proud to have won the award for the City's Best Street Food for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019. You can follow on their Instagram where you can see new dishes and events from the restaurant.