Holy Cow

In Aalborg you will find an original burger joint where they serve fantastic burgers. Yes, so amazing that they even describe them as being Aalborg's best burgers! These burgers are homemade and taste absolutely amazing. Does this sound a little too good to be true? Then you have to test the burgers yourself and taste if it is now true. The statement comes from the Holy Cow restaurant in Aalborg. You can find Holy Cow in Aalborg at Vandmanden 5-7.

At Holy Cow they make the burgers from scratch. That is, the buns are home-baked and their beef is delicious and juicy and their cucumbers are homemade. This results in a fantastic taste which is definitely worth experiencing. Some even describe their burgers as being a "greasy heaven" in that their flabby burgers taste so amazing that it's like heaven itself. In addition to their burgers, you will also find some delicious ferries in various varieties that will certainly spice up your burger experience by adding this as delicious accessory to your menu. Here you will find out why Holy Cow is an absolutely great place to eat. Their crispy ferrets will definitely add an extra delicious element to your dining experience. You can get these ferrets in various variations, such as coarse ferrets, spiral ferrets, sweet potatoes and more.

Holy Cow has a great location opposite the cinema, making it an ideal place to eat before or after going to the movies and watching a movie. If you do not want a burger, you can also just enjoy a drink, snacks or maybe a cup of coffee or cake either before or after your cinema trip. If you are going to a movie theater, then you can take a stroll past Holy Cow, where they have a variety of delights on the menu.

The menu at Holy Cow is always changing, which is based on supply, demand, ideas and inspiration. Therefore, customers are always welcome to make their bid for a delicious addition to the menu. However, there are always the fixed items on the menu, and one thing is certain: the focal point of the menu will always be that their burgers are made from scratch throughout. In this way, you are always sure that the changing menu is of the highest quality and of the best taste.

Whatever lunch or dinner you are looking for, there is the possibility that you can have something delicious to eat at Holy Cow. This is where they open in the afternoon, so you can eat their delicious burgers at your convenience. You can also choose to have smaller meals such as snacks, the very large burger menu with ferrets or dip, a delicious salad or maybe just something good to drink. If you need something for the sweet tooth, there are also various things to do with it. In addition, there is also plenty of opportunity to share something to eat here with your college buddies, boyfriend or whoever you are going to eat with, as they have different sharing-friendly meals and snacks that can be combined in different ways across.

At Holy Cow, they look forward to welcoming you and your loved ones to a good game of food in pleasant surroundings. Whatever you go for a tour of your cinema tour or you just want to get a bite of Aalborg's best burgers, you are welcome. They will welcome you with open arms, and in the restaurant you can enjoy both the food, the atmosphere and the aroma of home-made burgers prepared to perfection.