Keep the summer vacation in Denmark

Keep the summer vacation in Denmark

Many students can not afford a summer holiday abroad, whether it's a city break to Budapest or a charter holiday to Malaga. Although this kind of travel within Europe's borders is some of the cheapest, it is still a lot of money compared to what the student has the opportunity to save if this is possible at all. However, it does not mean that it will be a bad summer vacation for that reason. One can easily imagine that Denmark is a boring country to holiday in. However, most Danish youth have not been anywhere in Denmark, so they have not fully understood what kind of towns and areas actually found.


One could for example take a short break at Mols , located in southern Djursland in Jutland. Mols has a beautifully hilly landscape, which is also called Mols Bjerge, which makes the area a bit more exotic than what you can experience in Denmark. Mols Bjerge has also been designated as a national park and is therefore also a protected natural area. Here you can wander around the countryside and enjoy the beautiful scenery.



Many Danes go to Rømø if they are to experience a nice holiday atmosphere in Denmark during the summer. Rømø is known for being very touristy in the summer. On Rømø you can experience wild seals in nature, lying on the banks and sunbathing. Tours will be organized on Sælsafari and see the seals close by. In addition, there are sometimes concerts and small events, for example. may be allowed to learn how to erase amber.


The fyn city of Kerteminde is known as one of Funen's nicest cities, which also has a number of sights. Kerteminde has, for example, Fjord & Bælt Center, where you can experience sweet seals, guinea pigs and other marine animals. In addition, there is the large, popular beach, how many people are staying on the hot summer days. It is also said that one can get the best ice cream in Kerteminde, which is always worth traveling after.


One of Denmark's smallest but also friendliest islands is Ærø. For example, you can cycle around to the things you want to experience. Ærø has a beautiful nature, a beautiful beach and good fishing opportunities. In addition, Ærø's own food and drinks is also worth a visit in itself. Try for example. a true Irish pancake or a hand-rolled cigar, now you're on vacation.