Hair by Capello

Hair by Capello

Hair by Capello is Northwest's professional, yet cozy hairdresser.


At Hair by Capello can get all kinds of treatments that targets both for ladies and gentlemen.

There is the salon placed great emphasis on personal service, and to create a cozy atmosphere, while the quality of haircuts and other treatments kept in the absolute top.

It is important for hairdressers from Hair by Capello that you feel your guidance and treatment are carried out professionally and give you new inspiration for your style.

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About Hair by Capello

The salon is owned by Charlotte Jensen, who has extensive experience in the industry. She has worked for Stuhr and in a salon with ten hairdressers under him.

Charlotte's vast experience characterizes Hair by Capello and hairdressers in the salon extremely positive, in our opinion, and gives you the customer the extra at each treatment, you can only find in few other places.

salon's profile

At Capello's salon decorated in bright and customer-friendly facilities, providing a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. At Capello is also attached great importance to everyone, including students can join, and there is much emphasis on everyone to feel welcome.

Capello also offers a great range of hair care and styling products of the best quality in the salon, and an organic series without perfumes, parabens and PPD, are both selected with respect for the environment and with the thought of your skin, your hair and you.

The core of Capello is to you as a customer to be inspired, advised and pampered. The good service is based on you and your personality, so you get the hairstyle that suits you. Your visit to Capello should be a good experience from you come to you yesterday.

Hair by Capello's goal is your complete satisfaction. So why not book an appointment immediately by phone: 38 34 81 55

Products and prices

Women Cut from 300 kr.

Women wash, hair dryer 200 kr.

Lord cut 210 kr.

Color short hair 315 kr.

Colour medium length hair 400 kr.

Colour Long hair 520 kr.

Color x-stranding long hair From 610 kr.

Staniol stripes short hair 440 kr.

Staniol stripes medium length hair 540 kr.

Staniol stripes Long Hair 640 kr.

Staniol stripes x-stranding long hair 740 kr.

Hood stripes from 315 kr.

Kam touch 180 kr.

Bryn & Lashes 170 kr.

Hair cure from 125 kr.

Permanent incl. clips, hair dryer from 585 kr.

Solo permanently from 480 kr.

Setting up long hair from 620 kr.

Get your hair done for spring!