Crafts and design hitter

Crafts and design hitter

Next school year launched 24 studies with the practical / musical subjects. There is particular interest in experiments with the new subject crafts and design. In the past school year has 10 schools have experimented with art crafts and design. The subject is new and replaces the traditional subjects sewing and woodwork or needlework, woodwork and painting.

17 trials of craft and design

Other schools have had trials with final exams in music and visual or tested extent of music lessons then taught music in the 7th grade. In total, completed 14 trials. For the coming school year is 24 attempts have been approved - including 12 that are passed on from the 2009/2010 school year. Among the experiments are four tests with final exams and 17 tests with craftsmanship and design.

Schools can still participate

Education Minister Tina Nedergaard welcomes the strong interest in strengthening the practical / musical subjects. "The tests give students a new opportunity to develop their interest and skills in a number of areas that are inextricably linked to their development in all school subjects. I note in particular is that so many schools will conduct trials of the new subject crafts and design. "The trials are one of the initiatives in the action plan for strengthening the practical / artistic subjects in schools. Schools can apply for participation in trials throughout the trial, which runs from the beginning of the 2009/2010 school year to the end of the school year 2010/2011. The tests will be externally evaluated.

The following schools have been approved trials for the 2010/2011 school year:

Distribution of approved tests on the five themes: 1. Testing of models for extension of the compulsory education in the internship spoon / arts Elverhøjen School, Herlev Municipality (visual) Thyholm School, Struer (art and music) 2. Testing content and extent of a new, mandatory public school subjects craft and design and testing of content in craft and design as electives as replacement for sewing and woodwork (theme 2a) or needlework, woodwork and painting (theme 2b) test theme 2a: Hammersmith Farm School, Herlev Municipality Hejnsvig School, Billund Municipality Hjortspring School, Herlev Municipality Hindholm School, Kerteminde Municipality Jersie School, solrød municipality New Dutch School, Frederiksberg Municipality School on Duevej, Frederiksberg Municipality Grindsted Vestre School, Billund Municipality Brundlund School, Aabenraa Municipality Barrit School, Hedensted Municipality Vallensbæk School, Vallensbæk Municipality Experiments with theme 2b: Mou School, Aalborg Municipality Lilleåskolen, Favrskov Municipality Rows Mill School, Ringkøbing Skjern Engum School, Vejle Kommune Bjedstup School, Skanderborg Municipality Kongeåskolen, Kolding Municipality 3. Testing of opinions on students' academic position at the end of compulsory instruction in music, art, needlework, woodwork and home economics, including in the new forsøgsfag craftsmanship and design No applications. 4. Testing of final exams in electives music and visual arts and the new forsøgsfag craftsmanship and design similar to the existing possibilities in needlework, woodwork and home-knowledge Holberg School, Copenhagen Municipality (visual) Fænøsund Friskole, Middelfart Municipality (music) Saint Bridget School , Lolland Municipality (visual) Øbro Free School, Copenhagen Municipality (visual) 5. testing of alternative health profile of physical education in order to establish cooperation between sports and home economics in ear- ly adolescence Mou School, Aalborg A total of 24 approved experiments with the following distribution: 2 tests under theme 1 11 trials under theme 2a 6 experiments theme 2b 4 trials under theme 4 1 trials under theme 5 Source: Ministry of Education