Good tips for those who are considering studying in Norway

Good tips for those who are considering studying in Norway

There are countless good reasons why Norway should be considered in relation to taking a semester abroad. The fantastic neighboring country is a veritable paradise for nature lovers, with a sea of exciting activities and opportunities. Norway is also a really good place to be a student and there are many educational opportunities. Read along here.

What you need to know about studying in Norway

As a Dane, it is relatively easy to come to study in Norway, however there are some entry requirements that are relevant to read up on. You can, for example, take a semester or take a higher education in the country. As a Danish citizen, you also do not need to apply for a visa, as you are a citizen of the Nordic countries. This also means that you can typically take your SU with you, however there are also rules that apply there that you must read up on.

What about the housing situation?

It is possible to rent a home or room privately in Norway during your studies. If you have a lot of things, you can consider a room, but also rent a mini warehouse. You can e.g. find a large selection of Norwegian mini warehouses via the link. If you are going to study in the bigger cities in Norway, you should be aware that housing prices are high.

Many young people therefore also choose to have a job alongside their studies in the country. You can easily get this without applying for a work visa if you are a Danish citizen. However, remember to be careful with how much you earn compared to what you get in SU.

The cost of living

Norway is not the cheapest country to live in, you are probably familiar with that. The cost of living as a student is higher than at home. In Norway, it is particularly the cities of Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim that are at the top in terms of cost of living.

Both housing and food are relatively more expensive than in Denmark, but salaries are also higher. As a student, it can therefore be an advantage to look for a room to rent if you want to save a little on housing costs.

Health insurance in Norway

In Norway, you do not have to worry about health insurance if you move there as a Danish citizen. You have the same rights as residents.

A sea of good reasons to study in Norway

Due to the Nordic cooperation between the countries involved, there is ample opportunity to experience a different culture in another country during a semester. Norway has been voted several times as one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

There is plenty of opportunity to ski/snowboard in winter, experience the dramatic nature and enjoy the Scandinavian vibe in Oslo. One thing is for sure, you will not be bored at any time, regardless of when you start a semester in Norway .

Do you want to know more?

There can still be a lot of uncertainty associated with studying abroad, also in relation to recognition of education. However, you can find plenty of helpful information online so you're covered.