Go'sushi is a stylish and delicious sushi take-away eatery that does not compromise on quality of raw materials or good taste. For Go'sushi on Frederiksborgsvej 84 in Copenhagen NV.

Go'sushi acts as sushi take-away eatery where you f. Ex can order sushi for a romantic evening with her boyfriend or order dinner if you do not just have the energy to even stand in the kitchen.

Sushi menu

Go'sushi have a large selection of delicious sushi specialties at their sushi menu. You can f. Ex order a lunch, children, evening or special menu or you can compose your own menu of sushi. If you choose a menu, then Go'sushi made it easy for you and split the menus of topics:

Go: sushi menu (20 pcs. + 32 units. maki) 4 Salmon, 4 Tuna, 4 shrimp, 4 kingfish, 4 surf clam, 1 tuna big maki, 1 Alaska maki, 1 super california maki, 1 spicy shrimp maki á 550 kr.

go-Urmet menu 15 pieces indulge. 7 paragraph luxury nigiri 8 pc luxury i / o maki á 215 kr.

salmon menu total of 10 pieces. 5 pcs nigiri + 5 pcs maki big á 120 kr.

luxury menu 78 paragraph. 30 pcs. luxury nigiri + 48 pcs. inside out maki á 895 kr.

maki menu 17 paragraph. chef determines á 125 kr.

maki menu 34 pcs. 8 pcs super california, 8 pcs spicy shrimp, 5 pcs california, 5 pcs salmon / cucumber 8 pieces tuna small, a total of 34 units. maki á 255 kr.

nigiri menu luxury 16 paragraph. 2 flame grilled salmon, 2 sesame salmon, 2 tuna, 2 tuna seard, 2 tuna classic, 2 kingfish pepper, 2 shrimp chili, 2 surf clam á 255 kr.

nigiri menu plain 10. 2 salmon, 2 tuna, 2 shrimp, 2 kingfish, 2 surf clam á 145 kr.

sashimi kingfish 5 pcs. á 90 kr.

sashimi salmon 5 pcs. á 85 kr.

sashimi menu 12 pcs. mixed sashimi á 165 kr.

sashimi tuna 5 pcs. á 99 kr.

score menu impress his girlfriend: luxury nigiri 2 each 2 i / o maki á 430 kr.

tuna menu total of 10. 5 pieces. nigiri + 5 pcs. maki big á 140 kr. If you design your sushi menu at Go'sushi, so you can choose between tasty fish f. eg salmon, tuna, white fish, shrimp, eel, salmon roe, flying fish roe, scallops, spicy salmon. You can choose between white or brown rice to your menus. Just remember to tell it in the order.

See the full menu on our website and choose what suits you among all our delicious flavors


At Go'sushi you can order genuine Japanese drinks for your sushi. Here is everything from soft drinks, wine for the sake and beer. See, for. Example here:

plum wine 16 cl 55 - 72 cl 169 -

Sake one cup (35 kr.) - the famous sake from Japan 10cl Are you into Japanese beer, then Go'sushi following brands: Asahi, Iki and Kirin Icihiban to 25 - paragraph.

environment Proven

Go'sushi is an environmentally conscious eatery. Go'sushi have reduced their water consumption by almost 20% and receive their power from counterflow, thereby reducing site energy consumption and emissions of CO2. All chopsticks are made of bamboo, grown specifically for the purpose. Bamboo is CO2 neutral fuel.