Barber House

Barber House

At Barber-house in Odense you will find not just one of Odense's best salons, but two. Salonen in Søndergade had become so popular that an expansion was necessary, and the same quality and level maintained now in Overgade, which also also offered spraytan and makeup.

The team consists of six stylists who all love their subjects and the degree has its finger on the pulse. Whether it is the lady clips mens clips, color or permanent, are you at Barber-house in safe hands! There is an emphasis on your individual situation, then together find the right person to your temperament and hair. Are you going to the gala or party attended by your hair to be out of the ordinary, the Barber House also help you both setup and nice makeup.

Salon are both cozy and stylish, and you feel immediately that you have come into a highly professional services. You have in salons to keep up to date with the latest fashion in the variety of magazines, and the skilled hairdressers advise you of the latest trends and techniques. Barber-house investing a lot in training and draw their inspiration in both the large abroad as in Denmark, and always make sure to be well informed. Prices on Barber-house is very student-friendly and you can get by with 375 kr. For a lady clips, and 275 kr. For a gentleman clips - remember you also get 15% student discount as a student.

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At Barber House is not only centered on women, who are ensured a real man corner where you can get a delicious shaving or trimming beards. Enjoy a good whiskey while you get a professional shave and select a shave after clipping, you can get by with only 100 kr.! only managed to find great review of Barber House, the complete range of services from the customers enter to go, is appreciated and professional hairdressers who profoundly know their stuff, attracts many. Prices are student friendly and you get really good value for money.
The team at Barber House has sharpened their scissors, made their chairs ready and just waiting for YOU ordering a time.

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Student Discounts

You will receive as a student 15% discount - just remember your valid student ID.

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Søndergade 5b
Juelsmindevej 33b

Contact info

Telefon Søndergade: 2635 9575
Telefon Juelsmindevej: 3134 4404


Opening Hours

Mandag: 9.00-17.30
Tirsdag: 9.00-17.30
Onsdag: 9.00-17.30
Torsdag: 9.00-19.00
Fredag: 9.00-17.30
Lørdag 8.00-13.00


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Barber House
Barber House
Barber House
Barber House