Advance your career - this is how you can build and grow your network

Advance your career - this is how you can build and grow your network

In a world where many have circular saws on their elbows, it is more important today than anything else to look really good when looking for jobs and education. Because there is a lot of competition in the labor market and in education, you can benefit yourself by establishing a network. We'll help you figure out how to build a network.

LinkedIn is your friend

If you're talking about building a network, you'll have to mention LinkedIn in the same sentence. It is a website for professionals who all have in common that they want to build a network and become smarter. The website is a huge network with over 690 million. users around the world.

LinkedIn is different from Facebook in the sense that you do not apply to anyone on Facebook. But you can do that on LinkedIn, without it being strange. The purpose is for like-minded people who work with you to connect across the country. So, once you've created a profile about you and figured out what you want to get out of LinkedIn, it's just sending invitations out to your potential partners.

Go to trade shows

Whatever you read or work with, it might be a good idea to go around trade shows that are about what you care about. There are various career and business fairs in Denmark where you can find different people to save with. The benefit of going to trade shows is also that you talk to them physically, which makes it easier to have a deeper conversation than if it was online. However, it can be expensive to travel around Denmark for various trade shows, but fortunately you can get a discount on travel with DSB and save some that way.

Join Associations

A good way to get counseling and a larger network is to join a trade union. There is everything from 3F to FOA to the Danish Master's Association. That way, you actually already have a network, signing up as the unions already have members. The union can also help with things like job applications as they hold various workshops where you can meet new people to mingle with.

Take it easy

Although we have given you a lot of advice on how to advance your career through networking, it is also important that you remember to relax . We have previously written that it is important to breathe and take it easy because everything can quickly become stress and rush. So also remember to take things with a smile and keep in mind that you are also much more than your resume and your LinkedIn profile.