Transform the bus ride from the woodland to memorable!

Transform the bus ride from the woodland to memorable!

How to become the transport time for pure entertainment

Whether the study trip is by bus 18 hours to Austria or you have to lean the European motorways thin on the way to Prague or Paris, then it is poignantly annoying to sit quietly in a bus. Both because the travel time can be long when you are just looking forward to coming, but also because it can be difficult to sleep or relax in a stuffed bus.

But hey - you are together on the road to adventure, so why not already in the bus create some memorable moments and chase the boredom on the run?

High-reading shadow - something you never get too old for!

Many remember that some of the nicest moments in the primary school's small classes were the weeks leading up to Christmas: The class teacher turns on the calendar light, which is pepper nuts, paper and quilts in front of one, and then the teacher reads out all over the Christmas adventures.

This magic can easily be recreated, even if you are now adults. There is a very special community when everyone is sitting and listening while imagining the action for his inner look and where one can feel that everyone is together for just that. So why not let a couple of free audio books run over the bus facility, where everyone just needs to disconnect.

It goes without saying that finding a good story that will seize the interest of most people, then check out the selection of free audio books well in advance of the trip. Please come up with a couple of suggestions that you can take up for reconciliation in the bus and download the various options - then it also costs nothing in data usage.

Great joint activities for the bus

On the way to the study trip, there are often a lot of preparations to be made before you arrive. It may be that there are presentations that need to be planned or you have a tradition in which one of the evenings must make entertainment for each other. Take advantage of the bus tour to share in smaller workgroups where you can prepare your presentations on the history of the Soviet Union or other historical issues with free audio books.

You can also throw in fun games and competitions that the whole bus can participate in. Take advantage of the possibility of using the microphone and low bus banko or Jeopardy - preferably with your very own questions about the class, teachers or something else that anyone can laugh at. You can also make a podcast, where you interview each other or make your own current satire radio program à la The Short Radio newspaper - it gives a completely unique memory that you can laugh over long after the study trip.