Defence command

Defence command

Defense Command is a joint military authority about 250 employees - of which about 1/3 civilians. Chief of Defence is the Defence Overall coordinating and governing authority. Are you interested in a career in milli forces at a high level, even as civil, as the Armed Forces are an option.

Mission, vision and values

"By being able to fight and win promotes Armed Forces soldiers a peaceful and democratic development in the world and a safe society in Denmark."

The mission follows the law of the Aims, Tasks and Organisation etc.. Here are the Aims formulated as:

  1. preventing conflicts and war
  2. to assert Denmark's sovereignty and ensure the country's continued existence and integrity and
  3. to promote the peaceful development of the world with respect for human rights.

Defence Act also describes defense tasks. The defense must cooperate with soldiers from NATO countries and other allies to prevent conflicts and prevent crises develop seriously.

If hostile military forces violate Danish territory, the defense detect and reject them. The defense should help to boost confidence and promote stability in countries outside the NATO defense capabilities through cooperation.

With the defense tasks belong also to prevent conflict, preserve peace, make peace and help the needy.

The defense responsibility to the Army, Navy and Air Force have enduring, mobile and flexible forces that can solve the above tasks. Home Guard also contributes to achieving solutions.

The Chief of the defense is the defense minister to decide the composition of the army, navy and air force in line with what the parliament has given the defense bill. Below him is the defense minister of defense chief in command of the army, navy and air force. In addition to the Chief of Defence, there are seven other Level 1 authorities directly under the Ministry of Defence.