Benefits of dropping the dryer

Benefits of dropping the dryer

As a student, you are probably looking for solutions that can make your life easier. But these solutions are not always the smartest in relation to other aspects of your life. In this article you can read about the benefit of drying your clothes on a drying rack rather than the dryer.

save money

A family of two adults and two children can save up to 1,500 dollars a year to hang their laundry to dry, rather than dry it in a dryer. As a student, you most likely live for rent, and if you are lucky then you have the opportunity to wash clothes in a common machine. It may be that there is also a dryer. The prices of using such one can vary from landlord to landlord, but the average price is about 18 kroner. That is, if you dry clothes once a week, it will cost just under 1000 dollars annually. Wouldn't you rather spend that money on the Friday bar?

Become a true climate boy

You may already be taking active choices to protect the environment. Maybe you buy organic, or maybe you have cut your meat consumption. It may also be that you are a real passionate guy and have dropped out on vacation this summer, and you therefore go by train or bus. Regardless of the extent to which you have taken a position on the entire climate debate, you can easily wipe your clothes on a drying rack. It must be one of the easiest changes to the climate. A family of two adults and two children will be able to save 380 kilos of CO2 a year. Your savings will be a little less, but everything counts in the big picture.

Save more money

When you want to hang your laundry outside, the clothes will smell much better than it would in a dryer. It will also appear more fresh. Therefore, you do not need perfume detergent in. You also do not need fabric softener to make your laundry appear even more fresh. How did you just earn a little more money for fun moments with your fellow students.