Find out if you are eligible for compensation

Find out if you are eligible for compensation

As a passenger, you may be entitled to compensation if your flight has been delayed for any reason. In order for you to claim compensation, you must be over three hours delayed on a 3,500 km flight. or over four hours delayed on a flight over 3,500 km. or to the EU.

If your flight has been greatly delayed, the starting point is that you as a passenger are entitled to compensation.

But if the delay is due to circumstances in which the airline does not have control over the situation - it can be bad weather, political turmoil, security risks or strikes - you are not eligible for compensation.

However, you can still be entitled to catering, such as payment of food and drinks at the airport.

You can get up to DKK 4,500 in compensation! compensation for delayed flights is valid within three years. At you can easily send an application for free, and it only takes three minutes - then they help you in your case to get your legitimate compensation. All you have to do is wait until the money has been deposited into your account while they will keep you informed of your case.

What you need to do is create your case. It takes about three minutes, and within a very short time you know how much you can get in return for your flight delay. then takes the legal contact and process with the airline and ensures you the greatest possible compensation for your flight delay - with them you can therefore get professional help. Once this is done, they pay out your money as soon as possible to your bank account. If no money goes into your account, the help is free - they run with the principle "no cure, no pay", which in other words means that if you do not get your money, you also have no costs. It is therefore 100% risk-free to apply for compensation for your flight delay at If they win the case for you, they take from 19.8% and then the rest is paid to you.