Happiness is a delicious, freshly prepared Italian sandwich and a good cup of coffee! They know also at Felicita, located in the heart of Kolding not far from the railway station. Felicita has taken a little bit of Italy to Kolding and offers you delicious specialties of cheeses, charcuterie, wine and antipasti.

If you love to sink your teeth into Italian specialties you can enjoy them in the shop or take them home.

All raw materials are directly imported from Italy, and Marie Louise and Carina goes like an extra mil to meet your needs for goods they have on the shelves. Even if you are glutenallergiker they have found the most delicious gluten free bread, which they use to make sandwiches of. They have been around Italy in their range and hedonist you will recognize this happiness rewarding feeling as the culinary experiences give you.

It is not just a meal or a quick takeaway sandwiches you get at Felicita. It is the soul of Italy you are served, with expert hand of Marie Louise and Carina, which stands behind the counter of the small shop. The entire Italian wine and food culture in one place in Kolding, namely here.

If you need to surprise her boyfriend positively at home, you can buy both pasta, pesto, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, which smells intensely. Then dinner is something completely different and you will almost be able to hear the mandolin are playing at the dinner table.

Marie Louise and Carina have created an oasis of Italian specialties that you can enjoy year round.

Studenterguiden.dk recommend that you stop by Felicita and greets the two cute girls in the shop. Take a cup of good Italian coffee or a glass of good wine and eat little antipasti to.


Jernbanegade 6
6000 Kolding

Contact info

Tlf: 40 440 440
E-mail: kontakt@felicita.dk

Opening Hours

Mandag – fredag: 11:00 – 18:00
Lørdag:                 10:00 – 14:00


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