Higher College of Decorative Cosmetics

Higher College of Decorative Cosmetics

Welcome to the Higher College of Decorative Cosmetics in Odense - Denmark's first Makeup Artist incl. HAIR & styling school. A training with 25 years experience.

Since 1990, the school's students brought home more than 70 awards from international and national competitions. In 2014 was the 20th time they won gold at the championship in make-up. They are a small school with small classes and a sublime reputation and reputation. Why are their students as proficient? Because they give them an exciting and thorough basic knowledge, even at the price where most can participate.

See last year's great student assignment on YouTube below:

The education:
Lessons are scheduled and very concentrated. They come through the latest trends in bl.a.naturel "organic skin" true color to skin types, TV & video, prom, bridal, photo, Arabic and avant-garde, body-paint, drag queen, pin-up and different time types up through the 1900s. A single program with make-up, the hair dressing and styling included.

Their trainers are super skilled specialists in their field. Modules 1 & 2 contains a complete curriculum in Beauty all-round artistic make-up and stretches over 5 months.

Is your interest in the film world, you must have the module 3 with an additional 12 weeks. It is important to have knowledge of fashion and style, but also to the character make-up, special effects, prosthetics, bruises, wounds, etc. They do a lot of photo both close-up and full styling, often with professional photographers in school photo studio. For the demanding "on location" tasks have school over a large costume room with interesting props that are at students' disposal.

The cost of training and various courses include make-up products, where everything is available at the school. Would you invest in products for personal use, you can do so at favorable prices at the school. As a student from us, you can continue to achieve a 20% discount on products from the well-known series Make UP Ever the school dealer. After the module 1 held a practical test including styling. After both modules 1 + 2 held 3 practical examination papers with all-round styling and total look. There given certificate for each category, and a Diploma in both Danish and English.

You have to want this course
It is an advantage to be creative and open to new ideas. With this basic training, you are well equipped for a future as a make-up artist. You can then follow up with various specialties, as you find out what you like and what you are good at.

The school has trained many talented make-up artists and not least hairstylister sitting around the good jobs both in Denmark and abroad. Some have risen to the top, others are self-employed and works freelance for example. for modeling agencies, TV stations, theaters and the like.

Others are engaged in sales and consulting in department stores for different products, and some are teachers at technical schools.

On their Web site www.makeupskolen.com you can see much more of the school's history for 25 years. Among other things, their two trips to Hollywood, where students won 2nd and 3rd places.

You can contact the school for an informal visit with tour and information . You can also receive info and registration form. All entries must be his Written either on paper or electronically.

Besides the makeup artist incl. HAIR & styling program can offer evening courses, weekend courses. As something new, they now also offer courses in English.

See how a day looking out at the Higher College of Decorative Cosmetics