Also SU last longer

Also SU last longer

The Danish education system is very good, and the system of SU is also in a class that is only seen in few other places in the world. But it is also too expensive to stay in Denmark, and it can probably talk about if you are among the many who have left home. And it is perhaps especially the purchase of food that slowly but surely eats up budget. But do you think you, is there really much money to spare.

Eat more together

Whether you buy bread, potatoes or meat, the portion sizes are usually too big for just one person. Most people who live and eat alone, therefore each day throw some food out. It's a shame for you while waving goodbye to a lot of lovely money that could be used for something better.

If more people have the opportunity to eat together, we can save a lot. First, it is cheaper to buy food in larger portions, and also will waste be much less. Do you live for example in the dorm, it is perhaps natural to eat together if there are common kitchen facilities. Do you live in return in own apartment, it can be a little harder. If you do not have any friends or classmates, it will be right to go with, you can always make a notice on the school bulletin board or intranet. There may well sit other with the same thought, and perhaps live in almost next door.

It saves fact, part time by eating joint. It usually takes no longer to make meat sauce for five people, compared with making a single envelope. Standing in for food on the shift, there is thus spared some time. If I get on well with each other, one can of course also make food joint. Here, too, there is usually a major time saving if you share tasks among themselves.

Buy daily goods as cheaply as possible

There are big differences in prices in different stores and chains. Traditionally there has been a lot of money to save by shopping at discount chains, but this is actually not anymore. Since January 2016, namely declared discount chains war, and will consistently be the cheapest of 1000 selected standard products. They check simply competitors' prices continuously and adjusts its own awards, so they constantly are cheapest. It is an aggressive approach, but as a consumer you can only be happy and satisfied.

Of course it is easy to have an objective to be the cheapest, but a test Søndagsavisen have made shows that Bilka meet the objective. Sunday newspaper bought in the test 20 different selected goods like milk, eggs, yoghurt and so on, and the result was that the grocery store was cheapest on the total purchase - cheaper than both the Net, Kiwi, Rema 1000, Fakta and Lidl. The saving is not, sky-high, but in a SU, the margins counts.

Bilka has also the advantage that you can trade everything else simultaneously, ranging from paper, folders and disk tools for computer equipment and furniture. It makes quite a big time saver, and it is also important to include. So there will be, ceteris paribus, more time for homework and socializing with friends. And then there is just Bilka target of a maximum of two people in line at the checkout. It keeps not 100%, but it keeps almost, and on a busy day can be saved quite a long time on the account.