Get advice on both study books and city tours

Get advice on both study books and city tours

It can be difficult to make everything go up when income is limited. The academic years are great because you have so much freedom and get a lot of exciting experiences. But it quickly becomes expensive when you both have to pay rent, food, clothes, study books and then of course the obligatory city trips with the student friends. How to get advice on everything? Here you get good suggestions on how you can make it all go up.

Get yourself a student job

It's the classic! If you want extra money, you have to work. If you get a student job of 10-15 hours a week, you will experience an incredible difference in your finances. Just a few thousand dollars extra a month makes all the difference, and there are many fun study jobs out there. Whether you want a job relevant to your study, or just one you can make good money on is entirely up to you.

On the internet's job portals, there are several vacancies, so it is simply about getting started looking.

If you want a flexible job that you can do from home, there are actually many of these, if you are looking for the right places. For example, several international companies are looking for students who have a few extra hours per week they can use in front of the computer. The online world is indeed an incredibly large industry, and there is ample opportunity to earn a little extra beside the studio. For example, by evaluating search results or translating texts.

The most important thing is that you are not too fussy. Just say to yourself: I'll make money! Then it goes a little easier, whether you are in Net or making copies at a law office.

Loan money for the most important thing

Sometimes it just doesn't run around, and then you may have to consider borrowing some money. First of all, of course, consider whether you can afford to pay them back. Maybe you need to work during the summer holidays, but do you need an opportunity to make an advance on your salary? It is important that you include the repayment in your future finances, but if you manage this, it can actually be worthwhile to borrow. There may be unexpected expenses that simply have to go before you can move on. Read more and borrow money here .

You can initially consider an SU loan. The good thing about them is that the interest rate is low and that they must first be repaid when you have finished studying. However, it is limited how much you can borrow each month. If the SU loan does not reach, you can supplement with a consumer loan. Here, the interest rate is somewhat higher, but on the other hand, the expedition is fast. Many providers offer that you can borrow despite RKI , so even if you have previously had problems, it is possible to get a little extra for everyday life. However, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is that you do not borrow anything that you do not have the opportunity to repay.