Get an overview of your options in pursuit of the very right opportunity

Get an overview of your options in pursuit of the very right opportunity

The housing market in today's Denmark has been pushed a part for the last few years, resulting in high prices and a demand that does not match the supply.

Nor for the students, it is a dance of roses to find an apartment, especially not about the study start. In July, several thousand students will be admitted to higher education and many will strive for a new start - with a new apartment.

In a market that is already pressured, this wish is a dangerous addition, leaving students in a tough and desperate struggle for the very right opportunity for studying.

Supply falls while demand rises

The general lack of student housing and apartments forces the students to think in other ways and examine any option.

At Lå , they have developed an infographics that gives the student a clear insight into the possibilities when it comes to finding an apartment. In addition, the cost of the various housing forms and proposals for possible financing methods are illustrated.

Youth homes and colleges were so pressed in the period 1/8 2015 to 1/8 2016 that 4 students should live in a youth residence in Copenhagen if all applicants should have a seat. Further, the supply of both condominiums and condominiums decreases, reducing the chances of getting these. Likewise, the price rises and leaves a market where it is almost impossible to find a cheap unit or condominium that a student can afford. While supply is still falling, demand is rising and buyers are therefore willing to pay the high price.

The data of infographic data thus presents a harsh reality that can take courage from many hopeful students in search of the right opportunity.

38% fewer homes

The hunt may seem like something that no end will take. But there are lights for the end of the way for the students.

If you compare the figures from today with the numbers in 2014, there are fewer people between the ages of 18 and 29 who live at home. In addition, the average rent in 2016 was for the same age group of DKK 3,300, many of which live in an apartment that is payable on an SU.

Although it may seem impossible to find an apartment, there is hope ahead and the dream opportunity may not be as far away as it was first thought.