FC Odense

If you are looking for a place where you can play football in Odense, then FC Odense is the obvious place for you.

FC Odense started back in the late 90s, calling themselves the Humble Children. However, they changed their name to their current FC Odense in the year 2000. Initially, the club had only one senior team, but today it has a large number of different teams that you can check out on their website. In their clubhouse, socializing takes priority.

Here at the club there is room for everyone and there is social unity on the teams as well as across the teams, so you get a wide acquaintance if you are a member of FC Odense. The club's ambition is to be able to offer men and women to cultivate their interests in football with the like-minded.

If this sounds like something to you, you may want to check out FC Odense on Facebook.