Even more Chinese on the table at the Steno Memorial Gymnasium

Even more Chinese on the table at the Steno Memorial Gymnasium

The second Confucius Classroom in Denmark was opened by Chinese song, red lanterns and a Danish Minister of Education in a giving mood.

Bum. Bum. Bum. A student from the Steno Memorial Gymnasium're approached with the rhythm on a bongo drum. Behind him, a number of students with elaborately decorated Chinese dragons. Students carrying beams through the classic Danish rib-covered gymnasium, which for the occasion is decorated with traditional red Chinese lanterns. China is very much come to the Steno Memorial Gymnasium on Thursday, 25 November 2010. The occasion is the opening of the second Confucius Classroom in Denmark attended by, among others, Minister of Education Tina Nedergaard and the Chinese Ambassador to Denmark, HE, Mr. Hang Sheng Xie.

Danish students with a global outlook

Tina Nedergaard said in his speech to the opening of the Confucius Classroom, among other things, that it is important that Danish students acquire knowledge about foreign languages ​​and cultures. "China plays a significant role on the global stage. And China is also beginning to play a role on the Danish education scene, "said Minister of Education and stresses that it is a development, she welcomes. "With the opening of the second Confucius Classroom here today, I feel even more convinced that the number of students with knowledge about China and Chinese will increase. For the benefit of the future relationship between Denmark and China, "said the minister.

Knowledge of China

Confucius Classroom Programme will be established in cooperation with Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). The program aims to raise awareness of Chinese history, culture and religion. The first Confucius Classroom in Denmark opened at Støvring Gymnasium in August 2010.

A minister in a giving mood

The opening of the second Confucius Classroom is not the only reason that the big smile is promoting this autumn. Nor is because the big smile and the spontaneous applause that Steno Memorial Gymnasium on the same day also celebrates its 60th birthday. No, it's something else that causes chairman of the gymnasium P. Lars Reuter full of surprise to leap out of his chair under the Minister of Education's speech. It is a minister in a giving mood, from the pulpit gives high school authorized to teach Chinese to continue level as part of an effort. A permit that falls on good soil.

The little Mermaid

It is not only Education Minister Tina Nedergaard, recognizing the importance of the Sino-Danish relationship. This makes the Chinese ambassador too. He emphasizes among other things the importance that Hans Christian Andersen has had on generations of Chinese, most recently with the warm welcome of The Little Mermaid at the World Expo in China.

Chinese song from the Danish high school vote

After the Minister of Education and the Ambassador's speech appears two Danish high school students with a Chinese song and poetry readings. A gesture that is received by the Chinese participants with rhythmic flap and lips moving to the familiar words. Source: UVM.dk