Skilled teachers are the future of primary school

Skilled teachers are the future of primary school

The vast majority of people recall a simple teacher from primary school or high school, which has marked their lives. This characteristic has the teacher set by simply being a wonderful teacher.

But is there actually a connection between the skillful teacher and the student's ability to learn? Most people would like them to learn more if they had a positive relationship with the teacher.

What is the authentic teacher?

The concept of the authentic teacher was introduced by Professor Per Fibæk Laursen. He conducted a study that involved 30 teachers' teaching. The 30 selected teachers could all be characterized by being good teachers. They had job satisfaction, authenticity and impact.

This study showed that the students learned the most if they were taught by one of these teachers. But how do you explain that? The best and most used argument for this is that a person who burns to convey his substance is a person that one can easily learn from. If this is to be true, there is a requirement - the teacher must be authentic and he must do authentic teaching .

When you talk about the authentic teacher, you are talking about a teacher who is personally involved and who burns to learn from him. Thus, a warm and committed teacher is a lot more successful than a cold and indifferent teacher.

In order to ensure the future of the dear young people who currently house our schools across the country, we must have employed passionate teachers who can ensure that the students get the optimal education.

How does the authentic teacher work?

The most important thing for the authentic teacher is that they want something with their teaching. This teacher finds the perfect balance that must be between professionalism and interest for the students.

It is also essential that you understand that there are no two teachers. There is thus no recipe for how a teacher should act to get a class to learn something.

It's very much about having some tools that you can come forward with, and it's just important that you can change yourself, for example, to teach four different classes in one day. This will be many different students of many different ages and with very different needs.

Besides this, the authentic teacher has a clear plan that the teacher is working on. This plan is divided into five sections.

Knowledge - What is the curriculum and what should the students know after the school year?
Learning - What methods will the teacher use to teach?
Teaching - How do you best stimulate students in a professional way?
Evaluation - How do you evaluate optimally and what do you use the results for?
Reflexiveness - The authentic teacher also reflects on his own teaching.

All this will lead to a good learning and it will undoubtedly create a good learning environment, characterized by energy, joy and kindness.