You need to listen to these podcasts

You need to listen to these podcasts

Sunshine or rain, podcasts are always a hit. Over the last few years, listening to podcasts has become more and more popular. You just put the podcast in your ears and then you can hop on the bike, do the laundry or go for a walk while listening to your favorite podcast. Today, there are a myriad of podcasts in different genres, so it is also difficult to choose from. We would recommend three that are good to listen to.

The Perfect Sacrifice II

In the podcast P1 Dokumentar you will find many exciting and long-lasting audio stories that are about reality. There are e.g. 'The Perfect Victim II' which is a harsh story about a woman who is sexually exploited by a psychologist. In the podcast, the woman goes through a journey where she has to process what has happened, and at the same time stand against the authorities, who fail her. The journalist who made the audio documentary has won an award for it, and for good reason. It's a podcast where you sit on the edge of your seat because you're constantly amazed at the awful details.

Fries before guys

If you missed a podcast that talks about all the topics you would rather avoid addressing, listen to 'Fries Before Guys' by girlfriends Nanna and Josephine. They talk about topics like infatuation, anxiety and self-esteem. In many ways, they are the big sister you never got. They have also made a spinoff for the podcast called 'Fries Meets Guys', where the two girlfriends have conversations with various male celebrities. In the podcast, they try to get a little wiser about what it means to be a man.

Chopping board

The podcast "Spækbrættet" is made by two former students from the University of Southern Denmark, who both have a background in science. It is an attempt to make science more digestible and fun. Once a week, the podcast is published, where they tackle some of science's wildest discoveries and explain them so that everyone can actually understand them.

It is smart to be able to take the podcast with you, and for that you must of course have some good headphones. You can e.g. go down past Humac and buy a pair of AirPods so you can always have the podcast on the go.