Dress Hair Design

Salon Dress Hair Design located at Værløse station in the city center, promotes itself by being a salon which is always in development.

Here you can so always be sure to get a great treatment and especially the hairstyle of your dreams. Spirits are always high, and the hairdresser girls are ready to help you get an experience of pampering that you can do with a busy schedule.

Salonen put such an honor to follow what is happening in the industry and they regularly attend courses in both home and abroad. Therefore are they always ready to welcome their customers, bursting with ideas to which hair is right for you.

In addition to many of the usual hairdressing treatments, it is also possible in the salon made to setup for wedding or otherwise.

Example of prices in the salon:

Women Cut to 535 kr.

Lord Cut 435 kr

Colour from 479 kr.

Stripes from 599 kr