These Instagram profiles YOU MUST follow

These Instagram profiles YOU MUST follow

There are so many different Instagrams one can follow today. Whether you are interested in sports or fashion, we give you a guide on which Instagram profiles you should go in and follow.

Are you into fashion?

If you are just a little bit interested in fashion, then you no doubt know about the website ASOS. In addition to selling nice clothes at reasonable prices and also having a student discount , you can get really cool inspiration on their Instagram for both boys and girls. If you don't know what to do, just take a look at their Instagram where you can get links to what they are wearing at the same time.

ASOS 'Instagram

Are you into sports?

If you love sports with big S, you should undoubtedly follow DR Sport's Instagram account. You get news about everything that involves the sport, whether it is football or cycling. If you're lucky, you might catch the sports stars' Q&A, which is occasionally held on DR Sport's Instagram Live. Then you've always dreamed to ask Christian Eriksen a question, this is your chance!

DR Sports's Instagram

Want to see some delicious food?

If you prefer to follow food bloggers and would rather look at aesthetic images of pastries than on football, then follow Foodfanaticdk. Her name is Nadia Mathiasen and she has published several cookbooks. She has home-made muffins, Danish food and Asian food, which can make anyone delicious hungry. On her Instagram you will find great pictures and delicious recipes, so you should not scroll too long if you have not already eaten.

Food Fanatic's Instagram

Want to have a good laugh?

If you love to see funny posts when you go on Instagram, follow Swap Swap Exchange's Instagram. It is a program on TV2 where foreign Danes exchange city tours with each other, and many fun things happen. On their Instagram you will find videos from city tours that go wrong and where you simply think "What happened right there?"

Swap Swap Bytur's Instagram